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d’shelf – a practical solution for the kitchen

The purpose of d’shelf is to make life in the kitchen easier for you. The kitchen is the place where we mingle, discuss, gossip and laugh. It’s a centre of activity. That’s why many feel the need for a simple, stylish and natural place to store things that we use regularly. A surface where it’s accepted to put cell phones, recipe books or perhaps jewelry that risks getting dirty when you cook.

For these needs d’shelf presents a practical solution delivered by award winning design. Let d’shelf become a natural free zone where you put all those things that otherwise occupy your working spaces and just risk getting soiled. Another positive aspect of d’shelf is that you don’t need to drill holes in your moisture-protective kitchen wall. Instead, you can easily mount d’shelf under any cupboard of your choice.

Customer experiences


Elisabeth Jonsson shares her experiences: When I bake I need to use the limited space on my kitchen counter. Dough, the rolling pin, fresh bread, oven trays and ingredients need to share the space. In such a situation I truly value how d’shelf provides space for my recipe book and my cell phone; I don’t risk soiling them with sticky dough or flour splashes. And my white, glossy d’shelf looks really nice beside my white Kitchen Aid as well!

Toddler years

Timo Harju talks about the reality of being a father at night: I’ve just become a father to a wonderful little daughter, and the days are fantastic. But she doesn’t want to sleep at night. Since both my wife and I work full time jobs this becomes quite a nuisance. Luckily, d’shelf allows us to keep track of bottles, dummies, formulas and other things we need to comfort our daughter. Even though it’s in the middle of the night I can easily find what I need. When you have a crying daughter in your arms, things like these need to be easily accessible. In other words, d’shelf is incredibly appreciated in our family.

Hanging out

Tina Andersson gossips about urban living: I live in a 3-room flat in southern Stockholm and like to have my friends come over. We cook together in my newly renovated kitchen and later we invite more friends to our little house party. My big living room rarely provides a great party feeling, so instead the party often takes place in my cosy kitchen. We mix cocktails, chat, laugh, drink and eat. That’s why I’ve started placing my iPhone charger and wireless iPal speakers on my d’shelf. That way my friends can take turns playing their favourite playlists via Spotify on their cell phones. Nice tunes can be heard from my black, glossy d’shelf and I don’t have to worry about drinks being spilled on my speakers.

Temporarily interruption

Lilly Chong has a hectic everyday life: When I saw d’shelf for the first time it made me think of our little kitchen. We’re an active family that rushes around with cell phones, important mail, discount coupons and other stuff. We needed a natural place in the kitchen where we could put these things. For us d’shelf became the perfect solution for temporary storage of things we use every day.

Practical living

Sara Moberg likes keeping it simple: I was so excited when I received the d ́shelf package. Everything was so simple and elegant. The product felt obvious. I could easily assemble and fit up d ́shelf in my kitchen. The product is practical and clever, adding storage in an elegant way.

A piece of kitchen jewelry

Michaela De Labrá tells us about her romantic kitchen: I’m proud of the French cousine. For me the kitchen is the heart of my home. I want my visitors to feel at home here. I can expose my colourful Laudrée macarons and my French teas in a dignified manner. I have never seen a product like d ́shelf and I can’t imagine my kitchen without it. For me the kitchen needs to feel unique. For that reason I wonder why all the kitchen manufacturers are so rigid. Everything looks the same, only the names and the prices differ. I want to feel unique and that’s why d ́shelf is my personal jewel in the kitchen!

Let it hang with no holes in the wall

Janne Johansson is a wise handy-man: My advice is to keep the kitchen wall free from drilling holes. A lot of people forget this when looking for extra storage space. Holes in kitchen walls can result in mould according to a research made by Swedish insurance company Länsförsäkringar and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Results show that only two out of nine walls meet the standards. Therefore I advice you to avoid unnecessary holes in the kitchen wall to keep the moisture-barrier working. If you want to fit up something that gives you storage space I highly recommend d ́shelf. It’s a smart shelf that you hang under the kitchen cupboard without any holes in the wall. d'shelf the MOVIE

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