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d’shelf is available in two different designs. You can choose between white or black – what suits you? Regardless which design you choose,
d’shelf offers the best finish with varnished mountings.

Shelf outside dimensions: width 23.62 in. (60 cm), depth 7.48 in. (19 cm), height 8.66 in. (22 cm).

Inside dimensions (the storage space): width 21.65 in. (55 cm), depth 7.48 in. (19 cm), height 7.48 in. (19 cm).

How you use your d’shelf is up to you. It’s perfectly suited for everything from the recipe book, which otherwise occupies important working space, to the music player, which provides the right mood when you mix the welcome drink.

Click on the pictures to view examples of how you can use d’shelf.

Place d’shelf where you need it
d’shelf is entirely movable, which means you can adjust its placement according to your own needs. The screws, mountings and glue that you need are of course included when you buy d’shelf.

It’s easily kept clean
It’s easy to keep d’shelf clean. You just wipe it with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent. Wipe it with a dry cloth afterwards.

How do I assemble d’shelf?
d’shelf is assembled in seven simple steps.
Download assembly instructions here.

Features of d’shelf

  • Simple storage for your everyday stuff
  • Move it according to your needs
  • Doesn’t leave drill holes in a moisture-protective kitchen wall
  • The hanging construction frees work space in your kitchen
  • Easily assembled with smart mountings

Designer Johan Sandström Hedengran

Package measures and weight
Length: 25.20 in. (64 cm)
Width: 7.87 in. (20 cm)
Height: 2.56 in. (6,5 cm)
Weight: 7.7 lbs. (3,5 kg)

Patent approved. The logotypes and names of “d’shelf” and “d’dimension” are all registered trademarks (R).