Byt till Svenska

The Story

It all started during the Swedish Design Year when a jury consisting of Lars Engman, Chief of Design at Ikea, Margaretha van der Bosch, Chief of Design at H&M, and Tom Hedqvist, head of Beckmans School of Design, was handed the task of choosing Sweden’s smartest storage solution. The jury picked 12 finalists among more than 5,000 contributions. The people of Sweden were then invited to vote for the three smartest ideas. Almost 10,000 Swedes took part in the final voting and the winner was d ́shelf, designed by Johan Sandström Hedengran.

After his victory, Johan was courted by Ikea. They wanted to commercialise d ́shelf and invited him to a meeting at their main office in Älmhult. At the meeting Johan turned their offer down and instead chose to continue to develop his patented shelf by himself.

The important thing for Johan was to be able to control the production and place it in the northern parts of Sweden. He wanted to be able to guarantee a quality product as well as environmental awareness and true Swedish craftsmanship.


It’s foolish to devastate living forest. Especially if there already is recycled wood fibre available that gives better results in the end product. d’shelf is therefore made of MDF- material produced out of recycled wood waste from mills. The material contains a formaldehyde free adhesive, which results in an environmentally friendly MDF-panel.


The idea with the design is simple storage space on clever locations for things we use in our everyday lives. The designer behind the idea is Johan Sandström Hedengran, who wanted to create a solution to a common everyday problem. The outcome is an innovative design that combines style and function.

d ́shelf is designed to suit your needs. You get to choose how you want to decorate and use it.


d ́shelf is made in Sweden, south of Umeå. Here, the manufacturing and the development process can be watched over in an easy way – all for the sake of the quality. Every stage of production is shaped with the environment in mind.


Patent approved. The logotypes and names of “d’shelf” and “d’dimension” are all registered trademarks (R).